Free 3 Pillar Wellness Seminar Coming Soon:

Sunday November 6th, 3 PM at the Fit Your Way Studio

120 Days to a new and healthy lifestyle

How Do You Feel?

Are You Sick of not feeling well?  Are your hormones making you miserable?  How is your gut feeling? Do you want to lose that middle buldge? Are you looking for real health and body changes?

We are unique and we take a common sense approach to your HEALTH!

No Dieting • No Hunger • No Calorie Counting Delicious Foods •
Habit Rehabilitation • One-on-One Coaching

Yes, you will lose weight...Yes, you will get stronger...Yes, you will feel better!

3 Pillar Wellness is a program which focuses on all three pillars of a healthy lifestyle: Fitness, Nutrition & Healthcare.  The program is conducted in partnership with Foundations Medical Center (Functional Medicine Clinic), Fit Your Way (well established fitness leader in Santa Rosa Beach) & Plate by Zumba (a Clean Eating curriculum and protocol). 

3 Pillar Wellness is a 4 month program laser focused on changing your old life learned unhealthy habits into healthy and sustainable ones.  You will lose weight, feel better and strengthen yourself against the rigors of life.

This is the path to a new you!

If You Want Answers then Come To: 

Free Wellness Seminar Sunday, Nov. 6th, 2016 at 3 pm

Where: Fit Your Way Studio


Please, RSVP if you can come to our FREE Event

Please, RSVP if you can come to our FREE Event