"Pilates exercises build a sturdy body and sound mind fitted to perform every daily task with ease and perfection as well as provide tremendous reserve energy for sports, recreation and emergencies." - Joseph Pilates

Pilates will not only make your body look great and toned but also make you feel great on the inside. Pilates is safe and adaptable. It can be tailored to the individual regardless of whether you are a senior just starting to exercise, an elite athlete or somewhere in between. The foundations of Pilates movement apply to everyone who wants to improve their health, stamina, flexibility and overall well being. Pilates targets and develops your entire body uniformly.

There are many benefits to pilates including promoting strength, vitality and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. It creates core strength, strength without the bulk, improved posture, more energy, leaner body and complete awareness between the body and the mind.